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1. Introductory neuroscience course - compulsory
It will take 2 semesters, that is 30 hours of lectures. The course will be repeated in 2012/2013. The course will end with an exam.
If students take a course covering similar subjects abroad it will be credited (on the basis of certificate or written statement, co-signed by the foreign tutor).

Basic Neuroscience Course for NeuroPhd Students 2012/2013


Wednesdays, 10.30-11.30, 1st floor lecture room




October 10th 2012

Basic neuroscience

Dr P. Boguszewski

October 17th 2012

October 24th 2012

November 7th 2012

Electrical activity of the brain

Prof. A. Wróbel


November 14th 2012


November 21st 2012

Slow potentials (EP, LFP, EEG)

November 28th 2012

Animal models of seizures, epilepsy and TBI

Prof. Katarzyna Lukasiuk

December 5th 2012


Dr Monika Liguz

December 12th 2012

Behavioral tests in neuroscience

Dr Robert K. Filipkowski

December19th 2012

January 9th 2013

January 16th 2013

Energy metabolism in the brain

Dr Mariusz Więckowski

January 23rd 2013

Imaging of cellular and tissue structures

Prof. Grzegorz Wilczynski

January 30th 2013



February 6th 2013

Imaging of cellular and tissue structures

Prof. Grzegorz Wilczynski

February 13th 2013


Prof. Małgorzata Skup


Winter break


March 6th 2013

Neuroanatomy – workshop

Dr Monika Malinowska

March 13th 2013

March 20th 2013

March 27th 2013

April 3rd 2013

April 10th 2013

April 17th 2013

What is MRI?

Marcel Falkiewicz

April 24th 2013

Microglia - surveillance cells in the central nervous system

Prof. B. Kaminska-Kaczmarek

May 8th 2013

How to build a neuron from molecules

Prof. J. Jaworski

May 15th 2013

Dendritic spines - structural memory traces

Prof. J. Jaworski

May 22nd 2013

Microglia in CNS pathologies

Prof. B. Kaminska-Kaczmarek

May 29th 2013

What can we do with MRI?

Marcel Falkiewicz

Jun 5th 2013


Dr Magdalena Dziembowska

Jun 12th 2013


Prof. Grazyna Niewiadomska

2. Journal club in neuroscience - compulsory
There will be Journal club in neuroscience organized for students. It will take place on Wednesdays, 11.00-12.00.
Students will take turns as presenters and frequency of presenting will depend on number of students taking place in the Journal club, but each student has to present a paper of choice at least 5 times during the study period.
For NEUROPHD students attendance is compulsory when they are present in Poland.

3. Lab and department seminars - compulsory
During the stay at the Nencki Institute students are obliged to participate in all seminars organized in their laboratory as well as those organized by their department.
During the stay abroad they are obliged to participate in all seminars in the host laboratory. The attendance at the seminars in the foreign laboratory will be credited on the basis of a written statement co-signed by the foreign tutor.

4. Other courses - 180 hours
NEUROPHD students are free to chose additional courses from those available at the Nencki Institute, Ochota Campus or at the foreign institution. Other courses and workshops organized by NENS, IBRO etc. as well as participation in the conferences will be credited. The credits will be awarded on the basis of duration of sessions / workshops (in hours). If the course ends with an exam an additional 30% will be awarded.

5. First Year Report
NEUROPHD students will present written first year report on the progress of their work (up to 8 pages). The report will be evaluated by the tutor from the Nencki Institute, tutor from the foreign laboratory and independent expert invited by the tutor.
The First Year Report has to be accepted not later then 14 months from the beginning of the PhD study.

6. Annual Reports on the progress of the thesis
NEUROPHD students will give oral presentations on the progress of their thesis during Annual Report sessions organized each year by each department of the Nencki Institute for their students.

7. Account of student's activity
Students will be responsible for writing up their activity in terms of participation in the courses, lectures and seminars and for collecting certificates and statements of such activities. Reports in form of tables (free form, containing: place and date of the event, name of the lecturer, title of the presentation/course and number of hours) should be returned to Agata Siudek at the end of each semester. Reports should include all compulsory and optional activities. Reports should be signed by the tutor or foreign partner.
The absence at the compulsory activities has to be indicated and explained.
The progress of the curriculum will be evaluated by the tutor at the end of each semester.

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