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Requirements for candidates are:

  • Master of Science degree (or equivalent) in biology, chemistry, biophysics or related field obtained not later than July 2010; (graduates of medical and veterinary schools, as well as 1st-year post-graduate students are also eligible to apply)
  • strong scientific interests in neurobiology
  • be highly motivated (demonstrated via joint former education, additional courses completed, list of publications and conferences attended, previous scientific experience, references of the candidate's thesis tutor, letter-of-intent)
  • be fluent in English.
  • additional requirements relevant laboratory experience (defined for each individual project separately) can be found in description of the projects.


The application should contain the following documents/information:

  • CV
  • Letter-of-intent
  • 2 letters of reference
  • Copy of University MSc diploma or equivalent if available
  • Copy of official transcript of student record
  • Contact information, including e-mail address and phone number
  • The candidates may include additional information or copies of documents/certificates in support of the application, such as: additional letter(s) of reference, a list of publications, conferences and courses attended, additional skills, certificates of language proficiency, etc.

Applications may be uploaded at http://neurophd.nencki.gov.pl/register.php .


Selection criteria

A detailed analysis of the received applications will be based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • The list of publications: 0 - 30 points
  • The final grade of the master?s degree studies: 0-15 points;
  • The professional experience that may be of some value for the execution of the target-project: 0 - 20 points
  • Previous international experience: 0-20 points
  • Participation in scientific conferences: 0-15 points
  • The reference(s): 0 - 20 points
  • The adequacy of the prepared letter-of-intent with the target-project: 0 - 20 points
  • The certificates of extra qualifications that may be of some value for the execution of the target-project: 0 - 15 points

Short-listed candidates with the highest score will be selected for personal interviews. Interviews will take place at the Nencki Institute in May 2010.

Successful candidates will be selected based on the total number of points obtained and with the positive opinion from the prospective Supervisor.

Information about the results will be sent to each candidate by post or e-mail before May 23rd.

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